Kittiporn Tantrarungroj

Kittiporn Tantrarungroj


Dr. Kittiporn Tantrarungroj associated himself with choral singing since his early years as a member of a church choir in his hometown. He enriched his experiences and learnt the art of choral music while studying in the Philippines.

As a well-known figure, both in Thailand and in the international choral communities, he is frequently invited as lecturer, clinician and jury member. He travels extensively in Thailand, giving choral seminars to educate teachers as well as advice to conductors nationwide.

Tantrarungroj is a vivid choral arranger and composer and about two hundred of his choral compositions are widely spread and sung by various choirs in Thailand.

His composition Lao Duang Duean was the first Thai choral arrangement ever published by a Western world publisher. Tantrarungroj lives in Bangkok and earns his living working as a surgeon. He is also an accomplished piano and organ player.

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