Andre Waworundeng

Andre Waworundeng


Andre started his education and interest in music since high school from 2008. After completing his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology in 2016, Andre continued working with music and was involved in several opportunities as a singer, trainer and conductor and won 1st place in a competition organized by Manado Diocese and Manado Vikeepan in the period 2017 to 2020. In 2020 won Best Conductor at the Christmas Choir Festival. In 2022 he has appeared as a Tenor singer representing the Mixed Adult Choir of North Sulawesi Province for the National Pesparani II Event in Kupang and National Pesparani III in Jakarta. Top five of the 2021 “War Against Drugs” Choir Competition with Musica Sacra Mixed Choir.

During this period Andre also participated in various training organized by local parties such as: Arranging Ordinarium Mass & Conducting Training (2019) by MCO, Institute for Development and Development of Catholic Choirs in North Sulawesi Province (LP3KD) for Level I 2019, Level 2 in 2020 with speakers such as Pastor Harry Singkoh MSC, Lic. Mus & Prof. Perry Rumengan. Voice Building Workshop by Tommyanto Kandisaputra from the Bandung Choral Society (2020). Kodaly Teachers' Training Workshop: Musicianship, Methodology, Conducting (2020) by Bandung Choral Society.

Andre is also involved as a judge for local competitions such as the Psalm Contest, solo-vocal and group vocals in several Manado diocesan parishes. Andre is also involved in fostering and forming and training Choirs with the OMK Choir of Hati Kudus Jesus Karombasan Parish 2018-2020, Mixed Choir of Hati Kudus Jesus Karombasan Parish (2018), Together with Musica Sacra of Manado Diocese forming and training: Musica Sacra Male Choir (2019-present), Musica Sacra Female Choir (2020-present) and is a singer in Musica Sacra Mixed Choir (2021-present). Some of Andre's compositions for Ordinarium Mass songs have been used at Mass by local choirs such as: Ord. Missae St. Anna (SSA) 2018, Ord. Missa St. Joseph in Minor for SATB & SSA (2022), Ord. Missa Nuptia In Cana for SATB (2022).

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